It all depends on the dinner you’re interested in…and the host preference. Hosts have a lot of freedom to make the Civic Dinner work best for their style and situation. 

So whether you're interested in hosting or attending, you have plenty of options.

Dinner at a Restaurant →  Usually everyone pays for their own meal, or the group splits the dinner evenly. You could also split a pizza, or maybe once in a blue moon someone might offer to get the whole tab ;) 

Dinner in a Home → Many hosts choose to host a potluck-style dinner, or they'll provide the main course and ask guests to bring a side. Some hosts prepare the whole meal and may ask you to bring a certain $$ or none at all. Others decide to all chip in for a pizza. 

Dinner that is Part of a Catered Event → Some of these events include purchasing a ticket, others are free. 

Regardless of the type of dinner, you will always be able to know what to expect before choosing a dinner. Just look at the "dinner details" section of the specific dinner page. 

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