So you've heard about Civic Dinners and you're interested in attending a dinner but don't know where to start? No worries, we've got you!

There are multiple ways to get signed up for a dinner. Keep scrolling and check out the situation that most seems to fit yours.

"I want to check out a dinner near me sometime next week. I'm not particular on the topic."


"I'm interested in attending a dinner on a specific topic or specific date."


"I want to go to a dinner in a certain part of the city."  

Great! When you're at, you'll just choose "attend a dinner" and you'll be asked to enter the neighborhood or zip code you're wanting. Then you'll be shown a list of dinners happening near there. Pick one that works and follow the prompts and you're all set!

"Someone invited me to their dinner."

They sent me a link. Great! All you have to do is click the link and follow the prompts (you will have to create an account if you haven't already). You'll receive an email after you rsvp with all the details so make sure you use an email you'll check!

They told me the details and sent me to If someone mentioned their dinner to you but didn't give you a link to register, go to and scroll down to the conversation topic they mentioned. Click on it and you'll see all the dinners happening on that topic and you can see the dates, times, and host names. You should be able to find the dinner that way. Click on the dinner and follow the prompts! You'll receive a confirmation email once you officially rsvp to the dinner.

If there isn't a dinner happening in your chosen location, why not host one? Pick a restaurant around there and invite some friends and neighbors! Watch the video above for more details.       

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