Why am I asked for my phone number and address?

Phone Number: This is how our team or hosts/guests can get ahold of each other for last minute changes. It also gives us a way to answer questions for people that prefer calls or don't often check their email.

Address: We use this info to help you find dinners happening in your area.
*We will never share either with anyone not associated with the dinner you're involved in. 

Do I have to invite guests?  How do I get guests?

We encourage hosts to reach out to their networks in search of a diverse group. We provide sample text you're welcome to use! When your dinner is listed as ‘open’, people will be able to find your dinner by browsing the platform. Our team also helps point people to dinners.  Once the dinner's max guest capacity is reached it will show up as 'full' on the platform.  

Am I in charge of communicating with guests pre and post-dinner?

This is one reason it’s important to ask guests to rsvp via your dinner page. We automatically send out all the information to your guests after they sign up, then send them reminders of the dinner, and lastly a follow-up survey the night of the dinner and a few days after. We just ask that you communicate any last minute changes to the dinner and list any specifics regarding food, parking, and accessibility in the notes of your dinner. 

What happens if I can no longer attend a dinner?

You can login as yourself and navigate to your dinner and click “can no longer make it” in the black box area. You can only see this when you're logged in. The host will be automatically notified. OR When you are logged in, you can go to "my dinners" in the top right-hand corner of your page and change your reservation that way. Just click on the dinner and use the above instructions. 

What happens if I'm the host and need to change the details of my dinner or cancel?

If you need to change the details or cancel your dinner, go to the "my dinners" in the top right-hand corner of your page, find the dinner you want to change  and click 'change details.' See photo above :) You will be able to make edits or cancel and any changes you make will prompt an automatic email to your guests notifying them of the change. 

What happens if I can't get anyone to register for my dinner?

We do recommend having at least 4 guests at each dinner. If you're in need of more guests, we ask that you first try recruiting more with our help and if you still don't have 4 guests 24 hrs before your dinner, we ask that you reschedule. 

How do we give our feedback?

Following your dinner, you will receive an email from us with a survey and more information about the topic of your dinner. We ask that you fill out the quick survey and then we send the feedback in a report to the partner of the conversation. Included in that email are actions you can take on that topic. 

Can anyone host a dinner from any conversation?

Some conversations are designed specifically for a certain city and the questions won't always make sense for people who aren't living in that community. We ask that you look for dinners in your region. You are prompted to type in your area and available conversations will appear.

How will I find out the details of the dinner I signed up for?

You will be able to see the general details of the dinner before you sign up and will get an email of the more specific details after registering. If you have more questions, you are welcome to email the host of the dinner. You can also always go to "my dinners" to find your dinner page and the details there. 

Why do I have to create an account?

In order for us to make sure you have the information you need and to receive the follow-up survey, you need to register via the platform. Creating a password also ensures the security of your information (phone, email, address). We also track our 'Civic Dinner Rockstars' so the more you attend & host, the sweeter the rewards!

Can I attend a dinner without registering on the site? / A friend invited me, can I just show up?

We are only able to effectively support our hosts and guests when everyone has registered for the dinner. If there is a specific reason you can't register please let us know

Can I bring a guest to the dinner who hasn't registered?

We ask that everyone wishing to attend a dinner register individually (with separate emails) so they are all kept up to date and can receive their own feedback survey. This also helps the host have an accurate count and easy way to communicate with everyone attending. 

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